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Cash KRZMA Interview

Cash Krzma takes a different path to your typical Aus hip hopper. Blending lush beats with his smooth flow, Cash KRZMA is primed to take over the Aus hip hop scene.

We touched base with Cash to get an idea of his songwriting process and to find out his plans for 2016.


You’re quite a wordsmith and have a bit of a political edge; tell us little about your writing process and where you get your inspiration.

I find it hard to pin point exactly where I get inspiration from. Often it's just a word or a turn of phrase or even a marriage of words that evokes a general mood or feeling & the ideas tend to flow from there. Never really thought of myself as having a political edge though, if anything most of what I write is kinda shallow in the sense that it's lyrical braggadocio. You know, rapping about how nice I am at rapping, but I guess within that you touch on some bigger issues. Personal or political. Your environment is always gonna find a way in.


Your producers seem to be a big part of molding your music, how closely do you collaborate with producers like NsOne and Able8? Are you in the studio together during the process?

I'd actually never met NsOne before recording Excessive & Disgusting Degrees. I had already written all the raps & just picked the beats of his I wanted to use & basically recorded the whole thing the same afternoon. I guess I've had a longer more collaborative relationship with Able. But yeah, Both guys who produced me have also recorded me. It's nice getting that kinda of feed back & exchange of ideas going with the person who made the beat your rhyming on.


What can audiences expect from your live shows? Any shows lined up for the near future?

Depends how drunk I am. Usually some free shit & a good time haha... I gotta gig coming up on the 11th of December supporting Hau of Koolism & Triple J fame down in my home town of Albany WA which should be big one.


What’s 2016 have in store for Cash KRZMA? Any goals you would like to achieve in the New Year?

I'll be dropping a new EP "Prima Goner" Around February Which will be produced  entirely by  Walla C. I really wanna start making some headway with a full length  album thats been floating around in my head for sometime now. Other than that just the usual quit smoking, lose weight, be a proper father to my kids type bilge...
Cash KRZMA will release his EP 'Prima Goner' through Ditto Music early in 2016.