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Brisbane Bands Wanted - 100 Bands in 100 Hours Project!

100songs If you're from sunny Brisbane, you have probably already heard of this great initiative which happens each year. If you're from any other part of the world, take note of this great idea which could easily be modified and replicated internationally. Aimed to strengthen the music community in the city, this project gets 100 songs recorded in 100 hours and then released via iTunes and bandcamp. It is run by the Queensland University of Technology and has created a fantastic sense of musical comradeship between bands of different genres and backgrounds, who are a part of the Queensland music scene. Beginning in the last week of May, the project will involve around 72 bands, so plenty of opportunity if you are from Brisbane and want to be a part of this fantastic project which will result in great exposure and undoubtedly a great experience as your creativity is pushed to the limit. To apply, head here: Applications close at midnight tonight so get in there now!