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Baby Animals and The Superjesus wants you!

Do you play in a band and have at least on female member? Do you want to be a support act at one of Baby Animals and The Superjesus’s gigs during their Australian tour this summer? Then you should totally keep reading.


Baby Animals and The Superjesus are two well-known bands when it comes to Australian 90’s music. Fronting two of the leading woman in Australian rock music the two bands will be touring together for the very first time and they want to find local bands with female members to warm up for them at their gigs.


How the competition works:


  • The band has to register to gigged in
  • Chose the event your band wants to compete to play at
  • Fans will then vote for the band they feel they either want to see or are the most suited to warm up at the gig.
  • The band that gets the most votes wins the spot to warm up for Baby Animals and The Superjesus!


You can find more information and sign up here