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Australian Music Industry - Keep Updated

If you're an Australian band, you might not know that there are many free networking, information nights that you can attend in each state. Regional workshops are also available if you're from the Aussie bush.

If you aren't signed up to your local Music Body - we suggest you get onto it. Music Victoria, Q Music, Music NSW, each state and territory has their own government-supported peak body, who has their particular state's agenda and musicians in mind.

They offer free workshops, networking events, and information sessions for you to expand your knowledge and your connections.

With information on distribution, merchandise, booking your band, touring, playing locally, radio plugging, and pretty much anything you can think of, we recommend that you sign up to your state's newsletter, follow them on twitter and get amongst the local scene.

Here are the twitter accounts and websites for each:


(next event August 1st - 'Meet the Band Bookers')


(stream their previous workshops via soundcloud here)