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Aussie Band Comp in Sydney - Prize of $20K

Sydney's venue Rock Lily, is holding a battle of the bands content, where the first prize isn't a couple of vouchers and some beers, it's $20 000.

To enter, you'll need to do the following:

Email to get the ball rolling and introduce your band. The competition runs from September through to November, and consists of 6 heats, 2 semifinals, and then the big grand final in November, where the winner will take home the $20 000, second place is $500 and third place is $200.

You must perform at least 4 original songs in your heat, and also not be signed to a record label, manager or promoter.

Judging criteria consists of:

1. songwriting (includes vocal and instrumentation)
2. performance (includes stage presence, presenation of songs and 'tightness' of the band)
3. audience reaction

Get amongst this competition Sydney bands, and get valuable feedback, performance experience and also a possible $20K.