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Aus Rock Legend Darren Middleton Releases New Album Through Ditto

Ex-Powderfinger guitarist Darren Middleton has just released his second solo album, 'Splinters', featuring some super special guests!


Some of you may remember a little band called Powderfinger who ruled the Aussie airwaves for almost 20 years. 5 years since they disbanded and went onto their various bands and solo careers, guitarist Darren Middleton has released his second solo album, 'Splinters', distributed by Ditto Music. We were lucky enough to get a hold of Darren to ask him a few questions on the release.


You have just released your second solo album, ‘Splinters’, tell us a little about that and how your solo work differs from your previous work with Powderfinger and Drag? What kind of sound can we expect? 

The main difference lies in the lyrical motivation. With my solo records, I’m able to explore and express ideas fully as I am the singer and writer. Musically I explore more of blend of organic and electronic flavours…which I love.


Your first solo album, ‘Translations’ had numerous appearances from Aussie rock royalty including, Nic Chester from Jet, Pete Murray, Care Bowditch and ex-Powderfinger band mate Bernard Fanning; Who do you have on board this time around? 

This time I have Missy Higgins, Sahara Beck, Mia Wray, Guy Pearce and Kelly Lane helping out on vocals.


That is quite the list! Is there a particular method you use to find your guests, or do you just hit up your mates and see if they’re available? 

I try to ask the people I feel can inhabit the characters in the songs best. Music is about connection and even from the beginning…the writing and recording, I want this to exist. A solo record is never really a ‘solo’ record…at least for me.


If you only had only one track you could play to someone off ‘Splinters’, what would it be and how would you play it to them? (ie phone, studio monitors, headphones etc)

Good question… I think probably ‘Lions and Tigers’…on headphones. It just has a beautiful intimacy that build to a cacophony that almost throws you off the edge of a cliff…metaphorically speaking!


We’re nearing the end of 2015, so what’s on the horizon come 2016? Any resolutions or things on the ‘to-do list’? 

Put my feet on the ground and move forward...


You can pick up your copy of 'Splinters' now on iTunes.


Watch the making of 'Splinters' below.