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Aus Opp: Apply For The Unified Grant

Unified’s Jaddan Comerford recently announced 5x $5000 Unified Grants at Brisbane’s Bigsound music conference.


These grants are to help the next generation of music industry figures get a head start in their endeavors. This could be setting up a label, media outlet/blog, building a music-based app and many other services that relate directly to the music industry.


As Jadden Comerford stated during his keynote at Bigsound, “…As someone who started a business with nothing, at a young age and on my own, I want to encourage more people to follow their dreams. For me early on this grant would have helped me do CD pressings, or fly to SXSW."


To apply for the grant, simply fill out the questionnaire and put together a 500 word statement on why you believe you deserve the grant and what you would spend the money on.


Applications are open now through till October 31st, with the winner announced on November 21st, 2016.


Watch The Announcement