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AU Opportunity: Triple J Unearthed High 2015

Triple J Unearthed High has officially opened!
If you're in High School and making music you could be in the running. Unearthed High is looking for the best highschool act in the country to follow the footsteps of previous winners such as; Japanese Wallpaper, ASTA, Stonefield and many more.




The best entries will be played on national radio, and if you are crowned this years winner, you'll be flown to Triple J to record, remix or master a track.

You'll also receive professional music advice from a top Australian act and their manager as well as having Triple J come out to your high school.

If you already have an artist profile and track/s uploaded to Unearthed, just make sure you select your school year and high school name to be in the running



  • Upload an original piece of music to,
  • Select your school year and tell us which school you attend.


*To be eligible, all acts must have at least half the band members still in high school.


Calling closes Monday 03 August 2015


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