07 Aug 2015

At The Dakota Talk About Their People's Choice Award


At The Dakota is a 5-piece indie-groovepop band from Darwin. They recently released their awesome debut EP, ‘Stories’, and quickly drew recognition after its single, ‘Stumptail’, won the People’s Choice for NT Song of the Year.


The guys were kind enough to take time out to chat with us about what’s in store for them in the coming months.


Firstly, congratulations on being the People’s Choice at the NT Song of the Year Awards! How did that all come about and why do you think it struck a chord with the people?

Thank you, we’re still stoked! With the amount of great artists who were in the running, it really was anyone’s game! We were lucky enough to have Stumptail being selected as finalist in the Blues & Roots section. It took us by surprise really – both the nomination and the win. But we were (and still are) so grateful to everyone who voted and supported us, it’s pretty cool to know people are backing us.

The song itself is about being in one-sided friendships, always being the one doing all the giving and getting nothing back, and we think a lot of people can identify with that. It’s a very common feeling, being alienated by someone who you thought was your mate.


Apart from your win at the NT Awards, what would you say is your biggest musical highlight as a band?

The one we all agree on is the EP Launch, for sure! We were so humbled that so many people turned up to support us and grabbed a copy of the record. We all had such a great night with everyone. We’re glad to hear people are loving it, too!


Darwin is a pretty remote city and it’s always bloody hot, how do your surroundings shape your music?

We’ve been described as “Sunday beers on the beach with mates” and we think it definitely rings true - we love beers on the beach! We just wanted to write music that makes people dance and feel good. We’re fairly relaxed guys, and we think that might play into it as well.. Actually, someone once said to us that we should’ve been on The O.C. TV series soundtrack! Haha!


“Catching piranhas with cheese and wine” is my favourite line from ‘Stories’, is there some truth behind this, or any of the other “stories” from that track?

The cheese and wine part is a memory of when Dylan (vocalist) and his partner were together before she moved away, with the piranhas being a metaphor for the desire/hunger to be together. The whole song itself is about long distance relationships going well yet pushing through the difficulties of being apart, daydreaming to take your mind of the tough times.


What’s next on the cards for At The Dakota? Can we expect a tour? A full-length album? A video?

We are actually doing a national tour in October, supporting the EP! We’re announcing that around the end of the month. We’re pretty excited to head out and see all our mates and play some tunes. And when we get back, we’ll be supporting The Rubens on their Darwin show of their Hoops tour. There’s also a video for ‘Stumptail’ in the works as well! To say it’s been a busy year for us is a severe understatement!


You can purchase At The Dakota's debit EP 'Stories' on iTunes now!

The boys are also playing The Workers Club in Melbourne on August 23.