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Are Your Drowning? iTunes Now Has 28 Millions Songs...

Are your drowning?

The iTunes store now has a reported 28 million songs in it's catalogue and would take a person 266 years to listen to every track from start to finish. This is a huge milestone, but is it a negative one? Is there too much music available online?

iTunes doesn't think so, with Apple's Chief Finacial Officer Peter Oppenheimer reporting that the "iTunes Store generated all-time record results with revenue of almost $1.9 billion in the March quarter, an increase of 35 percent year-over-year, thanks to continued strong sales of music, video and apps".

A number of people have criticised this figure, blaming iTunes for swallowing up talented bands/artists who will never see their music receive the recognision it could well deserve.

However, who's responsibility is it to let talent breathe? Should iTunes be lending more support to artists, maybe with fairer allocation of their splash page placements? Or is Spotify's advancement into music based applications breathing new life into music discovery for fans, which will encourage purchasing?

This is a very open debate with arguements to be made from both sides, but what do you think?

Do you think stores should give you more support, or is it up to you and your PR/marketing team to ensure your release stands out?

Leave your comments below.