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Are Your Curious About Qriocity?


We don't profess to be marketing experts at Ditto Music. When we found out that we are the ONLY digital distributor in the world currently distributing to Sony Music's new Qriosity platform, you can guess how excited we were.
Qriocity is such a great new platform that we could charge practically anything we wanted to, and artists would be falling over themselves to pay us to get their music on there.
Unfortunately though, beings as we AREN'T marketing experts, it was decided that we were going to be giving away distribution to this platform completely free of charge.
Free? No subscription charges? No hidden extras or royalties? Now hold on......Yup, none of the above. In fact we give you free barcodes, free ISRC codes and your music will stay online for as long as you want it to.
This free offer is only going to be available until 6pm on Friday, here is what you have to do...
So the only place you can get the code for this is our Facebook page. And all you have to do is Like the page and you get the code. That's right. If you have read any of our blogs you should know that you NEVER give anything without asking for SOMETHING in return. This offer is only open until Friday at 6pm when we have to shut it down. Your code will no longer work from that point, so be quick!
Thank you again for being a Ditto Music customer. We want to grow with you as your music career develops and we will continue to offer you as many tools as we can to make that happen.
Speak to you all soon
CEO Ditto Music