22 Jan 2016

Are you supplying all performer data?


UK music licensing giant PPL have updated their requirements for supplying performer data on UK commissioned recordings. The changes may have a big impact on who might have a legal right to receive a share of any earnings on new recordings.


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Are you getting your share? 


Featured or non-featured performer


Prior to 1st January 2016 when registering tracks with the PPL providing performer data wasn't mandatory. This resulted in some legal feuds where contributing performers felt  they had been cut out of any rightful payments. To remedy this PPL have now stated it is mandatory to provide info for at least one featured performer and, at least, one non-featured performer (or a positive indication there isn't a non-featured performer).


What about music uploaded through Ditto


Being the forward thinking, industry leading distribution service that we are (pats back) there won't be any changes needed in our upload process for this new requirement. When we redesigned our service in 2014 we updated so we required at least one featured artist and ensured a positive indication of any non-featured artists is also given. With PPL and Ditto Music you can look forward to a fair and legal dispute free future with your music. Phew!


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