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Apply to play these Canadian music festivals

If you're looking to get your music noticed in Canada, there's no better way to make an impact than to play in front of a live audience. Independent bands and solo artists can now apply to play these fantastic Canadian Music Festivals, offering the ideal opportunity to showcase your music for new fans across the nation.




Coldsnap 2017

Coldsnap 2017

Held each year in the city of Prince George, British Columbia, Coldsnap is an exciting cultural event, attracting emerging musicians from around the world. Whatever your style, from indie rock and folk, to jazz and hip hop, independent bands and artists are invited to apply this fantastic festival, which will run from 3rd to 11th February 2017. CLICK HERE to submit your application for your chance to perform.



Trout Forest Music Festival 2017

The Trout Forest Music Festival takes place each August at the Ear Falls Waterfront Park in Ontario. Canadian artists and bands can apply to play the festival all year round, but the line-up for each year’s event is usually decided in January of the same year, so if you’d like to perform at the 2017 festival, make sure to apply before the end of 2016. CLICK HERE to complete a performer submission form.


Invermere Music Festival 2017

Th Invermere Music Festival is now accepting applications from bands hoping to perform at the event in 2017. Held each August in Invermere, British Columbia, close to Lake Windermere, this fantastic festival showcases a wide range of exciting emerging and established artists from across Canada and beyond. CLICK HERE to submit a band application for your chance to play the festival in 2017.


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