11 Aug 2016

A guide to the new Record Label in a Box contracts


After listening to Record Label in a Box owners across the world and discussing with music industry experts, we’ve launched a number of new contracts to help RLIAB professionals book gigs, distribute music, license tracks and collaborate with new performers. To help you understand what these contracts cover, we’ve explained the main terms of each of them below.


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 New RLIAB contracts


The Contracts

Booking Terms Agreement

The Booking Terms Agreement is available to help you book performances for artists. It outlines the agreed duration of the set and fee the performers are entitled to. Other terms covered in the agreement include: 


  • The percentage performers are entitled to if the hirer cancels
  • Which parties will pay for travel and accommodation if necessary
  • The protection of Intellectual Property for the performance
  • Inform the artist of any health and safety issues
  • Cover all promotional costs and reasonably meeting technical requirements


Distribution Agreement

The Distribution Agreement outlines both the distributor’s and artist’s obligations when it comes to the following terms:


  • The fees, distribution terms and any other payments agreed for the recording
  • Any necessary licenses, third party royalty payments, shipping and delivery
  • The artist’s retention of all rights to the recording, extending to all future recordings, with rights for the distributor to refuse follow-up recordings
  • The obligation for the distributor to provide a statement every quarter


License to Use Samples

The Sample License contract can be used to help protect and license samples to be used in new tracks. The terms of the contract include:


  • The licensee’s right to use, reproduce, remix and sell the sample
  • The agreed usage of the sample in terms of time and promotion
  • The payment schedule
  • The obligation to credit the licensee when the sample is used on any release


Session/Featured Performer Agreement

The Session/Featured Performer Agreement covers the legal aspects when it comes to including new contributors and musicians on a release. The terms covered in this contract include:


  • The fee to be paid to the contributor by the label in order to retain all rights to the release
  • The legal right for the label to remix, adapt or add to the track in any way
  • The way in which the session/featured performer will be credited
  • What expenses have been agreed to in addition the original fee



If you have any questions about how the new contracts can work for you and your record label, just give us a call!


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