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A Chat with Chelsea Rockwells

We caught up with Gold Coast band Chelsea Rockwells of off the back of their recently released single Aztec. We had a chat about Swedish myth ladies, what the future holds and what can be expected from their debut EP.  

When I first began researching for this interview, I thought I was going to be interviewing a lady called Chelsea, suspecting she was a singer-songwriter. Imagine my surprise when I saw it’s a hard-rock band featuring 3 blokes. So this begs the question, where did the name come from?


We have heard that before! Well, apparently there's a mythical entity that has been roaming the cold countryside of Sweden for the last 100 years. She is know as Skämt Berättelse of Vagga Väl - loosely translates to Chelsea of the Rockwells. This entity takes the form of a beautiful women who love rock and metal and lures musicians in like a siren. She keeps them captive in these deep wells made of rock and stone on a hill known as Mt Bröst. There the musicians would stay until they agreed to sell their soul to her in exchange for a life of music and fame. If they chose not to they spend their life writing songs for Nickleback and Pitbull stuck in these wells. Apparently that's how Abba was formed. That's where the name comes from - or so the story goes, you may have to ask one of the other guys....


You name Biffy Clyro, Deftones and Faith No More as your ‘sounds like’ bands on Unearthed. What elements from each would you say make up your sound?


We all have different influences so I guess those bands are the closest mashup of sounds we could think of and compare to. Sean is influenced by the drummer from the Deftones (Abe Cunningham) and their sound in general, Jay's vocals are influenced by Mike Patton of Faith No More (and has moment of similarities) and Nathan's guitar parts have the big rock grooves and riffs of Biffy Clyro and Royal Blood. Nathan doesn't listen to much new music though, he doesn't want to be influenced by current trends.



You’ve recently recorded your debut EP at Loose Stones Studios with Matt Bartlem (Jarryd james, Dead letter Circus), tell us about that process and what it was like to work with Matt.


Matt is an all round legend. He's such a talented dude who really loves and draws from all styles of music. So it's great to work with a well rounded producer who can push you and your sound to places you never thought. He's also worked with a lot of artist we love and works out of a world class studio not that far from us - so he really was the obvious choice. Matt runs a tight ship but makes the process enjoyable and smooth. He also has a strong bread game!


 What can we expect from the EP?


The EP is going to have 5 tracks including Aztec. It's always hard to describe your own music because you have a different attachment to people listening to it for the first time, but it's a pretty concise collection of rock songs - there are a lot of riffs and big rock sounds. Aztec is just the taster and an introduction to our sound which is why we thought it would be good to release it first. We're pretty excited about our next song which should be out in October followed by the EP before the year is up.


 What’s on the cards for the rest of the year and where do you hope to see yourselves come 2017?


The rest of the year will be focused on finishing up the EP and getting it out into the world. We're planning a bigger tour for our next release later this year, so we will be playing a lot more shows. We've already begun work on whole bunch of new songs which we're planning to record later this year or early next year. Then there will be more shows and tours, hopefully bigger and better!


Our main goal when we started this band was to write music we were all super proud of, and that we would like to hear. Now that we have finished our first collection of songs we want as many people to hear them as possible, but everything on top of recording is really a bonus!



Aztec is available on iTunes and Spotify now!