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7 Ways To Make Money And Get Control From New YouTube

YouTube have launched a new service allowing full control 

over use and promotion of audio and video on the world's
biggest music platform. This is only available to
independent artists via Ditto Music
at the moment.
This new service allows you to make money, stop piracy and
you don't need a music video.
Here are 7 ways this amazing new service can benefit your music:
1) Monetize Use Of Your Music In YouTube Videos
Every time your music is used in (for instance) someone's wedding video or when it's covered by a teenager with a guitar you will get paid for every play. It's your music - so it's only right.
2) Monetize Your Music In Certain Countries
If you would prefer your music to only be available for use in the U.S. and not in Australia (for instance) then Ditto Music can help. YOU have ultimate control of where your music is used and you get paid for it.
3) Control The Amount Of Your Music That Is Used In YouTube Videos
You can control the length of clips used in videos. This means you could allow (and monetize) up to 30 seconds but block use of more than that.
4) Control WHEN Your Music Can Be Used
With this you could, for instance, state that your music can only be used in YouTube videos after release date and blocked before or vice-versa.
5) Block Use Of Your Music In YouTube Videos
If you would prefer your music not to be used in videos (perhaps fearing non-contextual or defamatory usage) then Ditto Music can make this happen. This effectively stamps out all piracy and importantly gives YOU control over your music.
6) Block Use Of Your Music In Certain Countries
If you would rather only make your music available in the U.S. then Ditto Music can help. This means you can set different release dates across the world and make sure new tracks are not leaked.
7) Combinations Of All The Above
You could block your music in the U.S. before release date for use of over 90 seconds then monetize only in Germany for all usage (to promote your new deal) after release date while restricting UK.... and so on. The combinations are endless and YOU have complete control.
Everything is in place and Ditto Music will be ready to begin delivering your music to YouTube shortly. We will be doing testing using a few artists', music so to register your interest please email