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7 Tips to Twitter Success

You could be updating your Twitter everyday but that doesn’t mean you’re making it reach it’s full potential. You could be making the best music in the world but unless you’re engaging on your social networks you’re going to struggle. Unfortunately Twitter doesn’t come with a rule book, but here are some tips on how to maximise your Twitter success:

  1. Be a Real Human Being: Don’t expect people to fall over themselves to follow you just because you’ve set up your account, people are generally quite stingy in who they follow, they need a reason. It will be slow going at first but by adding personality into your posts you are instantly more engaging. Mix the personality of the band into your promotional and business posts to help build a following. Business connections on Twitter tend to thrive with a little help from the personal connections, so let people know who you are, don’t just have one person run the account, everyone should be involved, each member should sign off the tweet they post with an initial so fans know who they’re talking to. If people take the time to follow you, acknowledge it personally, most people on Twitter aren't fans of automatic direct messages. Don't do it.
  2. Be Nice: Remember that when you're using Twitter for your music career, you're in a "casual business" environment. Stay professional. Tweeting "I think @soandso is the biggest idiot on Twitter" makes you look bad, not them. I'm not saying you won't THINK that from time to time. The music industry isn't as big as you think. You don't know what bridges you're burning when you're a Twitter bully. On the other side, be nice to fans and fellow musicians alike, let another band know you enjoy their music, let the fans know personally that you appreciate their support, don’t just retweet compliments, it’s the barest acknowledgement you could give someone.
  3. Build Relationships: The great thing about Twitter is the way it connects you to other people who are trying to accomplish the same thing you are, you might not even meet that person but the relationship still stands. Reach out to them, see how you can help each other. Tweet each other's music and shows, link to each other's sites, let your followers know you appreciate this person or band, and its ma be reciprocated.
  4. Worry about your own figures not everyone else's: Don’t spend ages scrolling through other musicians profiles to see who has the most followers, who is following more people than follow back, culling you own follow list to get a good ratio. Another band may have more followers but how vocal and interactive are they? In any case that doesn’t affect you and yours. Remember that you're on Twitter to further your own projects and learn from others. The relationships you cultivate there can't be quantified by a number on the screen, and you're better off working on connecting with like minded folks in your network than frantically trying to manipulate your volume of connections. Just keep your eye on your own project and contribute to the community as best you can. The rest will fall into place.
  5. Let People Hear from YOU: This refers back to being HUMAN on twitter, retweeting what other people have written is a great thing, and you should do it but also reply. Tweeting quotes that have caught your ear, song lyrics and so on is cool, too. It gives people an idea of who you are. But don't forget to just jump in there and say what's on your mind. Your words, your stories, your life - people in general respond more when they feel like that know you as a person, and if you're a musician, this is the kind of stuff your fans really want to hear from you. You don't have to air your dirty laundry in 140 characters, but being yourself is a good business decision.
  6. Don’t Spam: Setting up a Twitter account and randomly tweeting people to promote your new project is not effective - at all. In other words, "@randontwitterperon Check out my song!!!!" repeated a 100 times on your Twitter page is not winning you any fans. In fact, this is one of those attempted promo moments that not only fails to make an impact, it can actually actively make your LOSE fans. Ditto for formulaic direct messages to all of your followers.
  7. Relax!: Twitter is useful, but it's also supposed to fun. There is no perfect Twitter formula, it’s too much of a personal tool. It’s a SOCIAL tool, so be sociable!
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