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6 Ways New Facebook Has Helped Upcoming Artists

Since the launch of Facebook's timelines, apps and tickers 8 weeks ago,
users have been busy sharing and promoting your music. Here are 6 stats
to show that it's been an amazing success and then we will tell you how to
promote your music for free:

Facebook users have shared their listening activity more than 1.5 billion times with their friends.

Spotify now have 4 million more users to promote your music to

Rdio: This streaming service experienced a 30x increase user base from Facebook.

Deezer: This French service have increased by 10,000 users per day

MOG: 246% increase in users

Ticketing sites have seen between £1 and £4 conversions directly from Facebook. More of your gig tickets being sold.


To get started, get your music on any of the above services quickly and easily by signing up here or upgrading here.

Then read our blog about how to promote yourself for free on Facebook.