01 Jan 2016

5 Tips When Running A Hip-Hop Night


5 Tips When Running A Hip-Hop Night


I'm Phil Riches from the record label BTM Records. I run a Hip-Hop night at Subway City in the heart of Birmingham and in this blog I will give you my 5 main tips when it comes to arranging your own hip-hop night.

1. Budget

This is key to the events success. You must work out the maximum that you are willing to spend.

This must then cover the 3 main areas; the venue, artists and promotion.

When hiring the venue you may have to pay the security costs. Depending on your artist’s terms they may require a performance fee or perhaps travelling expenses. Even promotion is going to cost you in terms of flyers/posters etc.

2. Venue

You must pick a location that you believe can cater sufficiently for both your audience and your artists.

The main things to consider are size, location and the bar situation. You need a big enough venue to cater for your audience but you don’t want a huge place for a smaller crowd, it’s better to pack people in and generate a good atmosphere than have many individual groups scattered around.

If you’re happy with the venue, you’ll probably be happy with the gig.

3. Sound

The quality of sound is vital to any gig’s success and it has to be right.

You'll have to decide whether the equipment at the venue is up to scratch or whether you’re going to have to bring in your own. I would recommend trying to find a venue that provides good sound equipment, as hiring separate stuff will cost a lot of money and time.

4. Branding

Branding is very important when putting on a gig, even more so if the event represents a record label.

Decide if you’re going to have a name for the night and whether or not you’re going to have a logo. I simply called my event: BTM Records Presents A Night Of Hip-Hop. Simple, but effective.

If you’re branding is strong, you have a great chance. This event can be anything you want it to be, so be creative!

5. Promotion

Last but certainly not least is promotion. Once everything else is sorted there will only be one thing left to do, promote your ass off! The promotion of the event should be ongoing, starting by simply letting people know you’re putting an event on before the official promotion begins.

There are many ways to promote an event and word of mouth remains key. Get the word out there, you can't start promoting early enough! Social Networking is a great source of promotion and get a Facebook event page sent to all of your friends along with a Twitter feed promoting the event. Make sure your artists are also promoting for you, as they should be bringing along as many of their fans as possible.

Flyers and posters can be very useful and the venue are probably happy to promote for you as well.

Press releases including the artist’s demos, bios and event info can be distributed to local press and music sites and this could be another means of promotion. The event’s success will depend largely on how many people attend it, so make sure you fill those venues out!

These are the main 5 areas to consider when arranging a hip-hop night and the one thing to keep in mind is that it really is quite simple!

I hope you’ve found this blog interesting and wish you the best of luck with your events.

Phil Riches