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5 Tips For Promoting Your Music

Looking for opportunities to promote your music? Our music promotion services help build your exposure, but there are always a few DIY tricks and tips you can take advantage of.

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1. Build Your Arsenal

Create an engaging and informative press release. Hint: try not to use too many adjectives or buzz words, these will turn off the reviewer. Things like ‘sound of the summer’ and ‘feel-good anthem of the year’ have been heard way too many times.


2. Find Your Influencers

Build a distribution list of editors and journalists you want to pitch your music to. Hint: research is key, make sure that your music fits the right outlet. While things like LinkedIn, Facebook and music forums are helpful, nothing beats good old fashioned faced-to-face networking at events.


3. Create The Hype

Secure a premiere first. Hint: exclusive content works really well to secure media coverage. It takes a little more time to produce exclusive content, but this is a game of patience. You won't win by cutting corners.

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4. Showcase Yourself

Actively seek out live gigs and performances and this will help put your promo campaign into context. Hint: always ask if any media are going to be there and introduce yourself to them.


5. Do Different

Think of new and exciting ways to get your music heard. Hint: cover versions work really well to attract new fans. You’re naturally gonna get ‘they ruined the original’ comments but learn to take them on the chin. ‘Haters gon hate,’ as they say…