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5 Things You Must Do When Submitting Your Music to Blogs

Do you want to be featured on your favourite blog? Cite pitchfork as your religion? Or perhaps you are more into an obscure French music blog that showcases the best producers coming out of Paris, or there's an LA-based hip hop blog that you're dying to be featured on.

Whatever your genre, your jam, your style, your music, there's a blog to match. And fans who will want to listen to and buy your music, probably read that blog.

So how do you get on there?
Obviously, your music has to be good, or at least liked by the curator or bloggers.
That's number one.
But if you've got good music, you still need to present it well.

Here is how.

1. Make sure you are submitting your music to a blog that often features a similar kind of music. Basic, right? But make sure you research, and only submit if you are positive there's a good chance they might feature it. Think if you just blast out a thousand generic emails you'll get played? Well - maybe you will. But you'll also annoy a lot of people who may have actually liked your music had they listened.

2. FOLLOW THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. They will be on the site. Read them. Follow them.

3. Find the correct contact. Try to make sure you send your music to the right person. Take the time to research, so you can address your email with a 'Dear John' rather than a generic 'Dear Music Blogger' or something. It shows you care.

4. Make sure you have decent spelling, grammar and punctuation so the blogger can understand you.
Music bloggers are usually professional writers. They will notice if you have a million spelling mistakes. This doesn't necessarily mean they will disregard you entirely, but they might. It shows a lack of professionalism, so get a friend or band mate to help check.

5. Include links to your social media and music. Instead of clogging up someone's inbox with huge files, or making them download things, just send a link. Easy. Make sure they work though..