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5 Simple Rules To Release A Football Song For Euro 2012

Songs have always been a big part of football, from chants in the stands to epic pop songs that smash the charts.

Here are 5 simple rules to release a successful Football song:

1) Keep It SImple
Keep It Simple

Football songs are designed to be chanted at games so short lines with simple easy-to-remember phrases are best.

2) The 'Nah-Nah-Nah Principle'

You want a memorable melody to bury in fans' minds so make sure your melody is uncomplicated and can be sung without even using the words - just 'nah nah nah'. It worked for the Fat Les song 'Vindaloo'.

3) Sell On Pre-Release
Sell On Pre-Release


The Euro 2012 cup beings on June 8th 2012, so you've got several weeks yet to start building sales and they will all be saved up until release date. Ditto Music are the only Independent Music distributor to offer pre-release and we've had 11 UK Top 40 hits and they have ALL used pre-relaese.

4) Pick The Right Release Date

If your team goes out in the first round and your song isn't out yet then you will stop selling. Sell on pre-release from today and release either June 4th or 11th. If your goes through to the late stages you will just sell more copies as it's already out an gathering momentum.

5) Make A Video

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet and the main things people watch are football and music. Put together a PowerPoint Presentation of great football moments or just film you and your mates playing down the park - it's all good viral content. Put your track over the top using Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Make sure you add a link of where to buy it!


To help you guys out we've launched a 'Euro 2012 Single Package' for one or two tracks. This includes:

Distribution to hundreds of stores including iTunes, Amazon (including UK/EU), 7Digital and loads more European retailers.
Services such as: UK/Irish chart registration (so you can get in the charts) and PPL Airplay (to make sure you've getting paid for Radio Airplay).

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