01 Jan 2016

4 Ways To Sell And Promote Your Music On Mobile Phones


So your release is out and selling well but you want to increase
your fanbase
and generate more sales. What do you do next?
SMS keywords are a great way to target different fans and
I'll now tell you briefly how to succeed with this. Firstly:
What Is An SMS Keyword?
Ditto Music set you up a one word code (1-9 letters) and fans can text a 5-digit number and download the single track you choose. e.g. 'Text PARANOID to 81234 to download our latest single'.
Here are 4 ways to get more fans and make more money with SMS Keywords.
1. Selling To Under 16 year Olds
Generally, fans under the age of 16 will not have access to a debit or credit card but DO have credit to burn. The teen market spends a LOT on online music so why not give them some great new music.
2. Instant Downloads at Gigs
With SMS purchasing, fans are made aware of your music at your gig and will download it right there. You can announce it from the stage for that instant sale or have it on gig posters and flyers to remind people.
3. Capitalise on Press and Radio Coverage
Whether its radio airplay, column inches or an interview in your local magazine, you need to give people a ‘Call To Action’ – something to do. In any interview or feature you can tell fans to text your SMS keyword, allowing them to download your track straight away without needing to search for it on the internet.
4. Get In The Charts
Ditto Music can set up your SMS keyword for pre-release at no extra charge.
Nearly all of our 11 UK Top 40 hits have used SMS to get more sales. You can be on pre-release for as long as you like. One of our Top 40s was on SMS pre-release for 9 months and slowly racked up LOADS of sales.
Make sure you register your release for the charts with Ditto Music, we take care of everything and give you sales data on demand for only £40.
So there you have it. We have had artists from all different genres and with fan bases both big and small use SMS Keywords to great success - and you can do the same for £15.
Click here to create a free account with Ditto Music and start planning your release.
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by Mike Townsend