01 Jan 2016

4 Simple Steps To Promote Your Band's Using Social Media


So you're using Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and more to keep in touch with your fans but social media is taking up all your time when you could be making great music and playing cool shows. You want more more people to hear and love your music - but surely there's a better way than updating 20 platforms a day?

Yes there is and it's 4 simple steps to free up more of your time get on with the cool part of being a musician - playing shows to adoring fans and selling your music online.

1. Find Your Fans

Find Your Fans

Find out your
top two or three platforms your fans use and use them too. Creating a profile on every platform just for the sake of it
will only confuse your fans.

2. Post When Fans Are Online

When Are Fans Online?

There is no point announcing your latest release, video or
tour at 3am. Social Media works off live feeds so what you post now is old news in 10 minutes time. Use Hootsuite, Buffer or Tweetdeck to time posts and send out at 11am, 4pm and mid-evening. Check out SocialBro for a full analysis of your Twitter

3. Keep It Relevant

Keep It Relevant

Share things that
will interest your fans, if you don't have band news give them a photo from a tour,
share an Instagram from your current location or promote a fellow artist. When you have the time do some research into what your fans
like, what are they talking about? It's much easier to impact on a current
topic than start your own, as interesting as it might be.

4. Don't Post The Same Everywhere

Don't Post The Same Everywhere

Split your
posts to where they will be most effective. Post a video directly to your
Facebook, post a link to your website with the video on it on your Twitter.
Different feeds for different needs.

It's all about knowing your audience and after some research
you will be able to interact more effectively with your audience.

James Cherry