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3 Guaranteed Ways To Find Fans On Twitter (Even If You Have Tried EVERYthing)

Twitter is becoming more crowded and it's becoming harder to gain followers and make your content stand out. To save you from shouting into thin air, Twitter are adding features to help you target your audience: your potential Fan. Here are 3 things you can do right now, to increase your fans.

1. Twitter Adverts

Did you know that promoted tweets can be used by anyone? Twitter have launched a new self serve ads platform for small businesses. Musicians and label’s can qualify for this.

Google adverts were at their cheapest in 2001 before people really understood them. Facebook adverts were also around 1/5th of their current price back in 2008. So now could be a great time to utlise Twitter adverts. So how do the adverts work?

Twitter will recommend you on their 'who to follow' section. Promoted tweets on the other hand will promote your most engaging content (links to blogs or music) to relevant users. You can spend as little or as much as you like, just make sure to set a reasonably daily cap.

2. Twitter Email Digests

Recently, Twitter have started sending out weekly emails to users, summarizing their most relevant tweets and stories sent by your twitter friends. It will show you who favorites the tweets and which of your friends have retweeted.
Here is how to give yourself the best chance of getting featured on Twitter digest.

* Learn which types of tweets are getting the most attention.
* Make sure that you are only posting tweets that add value to the twitter stream.
* Favorite and retweet other peoples tweets and they will return the favor.

3. Twitter Recommendations

Having 20,000 twitter followers does not mean anything, in fact it can harm your Twitter campaign if they are not targeted. Twitter is now using a new recommendation tool for following accounts. Here is what they have said.

'Tailored suggestions are based on accounts followed by other Twitter users and visits to websites in the Twitter ecosystem…. By recognizing which accounts are frequently followed by people who visit popular sites, we can recommend those accounts to others who have visited those sites within the last ten days.'

So if your account has just targeted fans and contacts you stand more chance of appearing in Twitter’s 'Who To Follow' section. But what else does this mean?

Twitter will examine the effectiveness of your tweets and decide if you should be recommended. This means:

* Don’t post tweets that won't appeal to your followers
* Don’t buy followers for random accounts
* Concentrate on just attracting followers who are into your music or personal interests. Inactive followers will harm your Twitter campaign.

Remember. Whether you are building fans on Facebook, Twitter or your own website there are no shortcuts to great content and human interaction.
Lee Parsons
Co-Founder - Ditto Music