11 Aug 2015

20 Signs You're an Independent Musician


So you've taken the plunge and become an independent musician. Here are some pros and cons of making that life-style choice.


1. You're broke



2. You live with the threat of making next months rent all the time



3. You eat pot noodles for every meal




4. You drink anything



5. You party on a Monday



6. On a Tuesday



7. On a Wednesday



8. But not the weekend because you’re working



9. You manage to pick up money playing weddings/working men’s clubs/teaching


10. You have to swerve the ‘so are you looking for a job’ question at every family gathering



11. Cause there’s no better chat up line than ‘I’m in a band’



12. All your money goes on instruments/mixing equipment



13. You spend all day, every day emailing bloggers, promoters, radio stations convincing them that your music is amazing



14. Your practice room occasionally gives you electric shocks and it leaks when it rains


15. You spend all night in the recording studio cause that’s the only time you can afford to hire it



16. Your clothes have loadss of holes in them, but it just adds to your look



17. You have already memorised your Mercury Award speech



18. You know what all the bands in your city are doing but couldn’t tell you who no. 1 is this week



19. You have your favourite busking spot


 20. You couldn’t do anything else