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How To Make a Record Label

Musician all over the world love to make music, but they often wish more, to have 100% control of it. They often will go out and create their own record labels in hopes of doing just that. Setting up the record label can actually be easy or maybe not. Music Record Label businesses is just like any other business.
The Independent Record Label should be set up as a business. It is a full time job and it usually helps if you are a good business person. First thing is to make sure you have enough cash flow for the startup costs of a business. Please make a business plan so you can map out how you want your business to grow. It also helps when applying for loans and grants. Licenses and forms that are necessary for you to run your business is the next thing to do. Don’t be scared it seems like a lot but these steps will protect your future in any business.
Music Record Labels come and go fast in this business. Name your Label and business and register it with all the appropriate agencies. The name should be unique and only to your taste. Registering the name protects the name from being stolen from other labels. It makes the label yours and only yours. Corner the market on a particular genre, study it and make it your style of music.
Talent, if it isn’t you, is a long process. Look at local bands at clubs in yours area. Songs that make interesting records that can slip in under the radar are a good start. Sign a contract with all artists in the band and get a lawyer to advise you through this whole process if you can. Manufacturing and distribution of your record is next and can be a hassle if not done right.
Independent Record labels are a snap with the help of Ditto Music. Setting up a record label is easy with their help. Ditto Music helps you setup your name and you get a mentor to help you with with all the business stuff including promotion and contracts needed for your business. Ideal for the independent artist just starting out. They have a wide range of tools and services for career development. They handle the administrative side of the process. Quicker distribution and contracts with two leading distributors to help. Major Record Labels often take most of your artistic rights. Ditto Music lets you keep 100% of your artistic rights and royalties. Ditto Music helps make owning your record label your label and only your label.

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